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Back in time Pressure Washing is proud to provide quality pressure washing and soft washing services for homeowners and business owners in Stevenson. Our mission is to provide the best customer satisfaction for a price you can't beat.

Whether you need a touch-up or a whole property cleaning, you can count on our pressure washing professionals to get the job done right in no time. We're proud to offer free estimates, so call us today if you're in need of a quality pressure washing.

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Pressure Washing Services

A clean home exterior helps to maintain your curb appeal and property value, and our Stevenson, MD, team is here to keep your home looking its best. Give us a call today if you have any questions about our residential pressure washing services:

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Business owners in Stevenson can also count on us to keep their property clean and protected from the elements thanks to our commercial pressure washing services. Give us a call today to get a quote for any of these commercial services:

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Our 5-Step Process

1. Scope of Work

From the time we pull up at your home, we are immediately scanning the property for any "areas of interest." We look for anything that might require special attention before we start our work. Typically, in this stage, we will tape off your doorbell, electrical sockets, cable boxes, cameras, and whatever else could possibly be damaged by being wet. We also will look for, and take photos of any loose siding, screens, cracked windows, missing paint, or anything else that could be further damaged throughout the time we will be cleaning your home.

2. Clearing the Work Area

Next, we will remove anything that shouldn't get wet. Doors reefs, patio furniture, plants, tables, your "outdoor" shoes, and all things of that nature.

3. The Cleaning Process

We use a low pressure system do disinfect your siding at a microscopic level. Our cleaning agents penetrate the mold living on your home, leaving a literally sanitary surface. Without the proper cleaning solution, the process would be like brushing your teeth, only without toothpaste! Our unique process guarantees not only long term results, but a shine coating that typically will last 99% longer then our local competitor's solutions. While they depend on you to call every year, we KNOW you will call us years from now when your house finally begins to regrow the ugly green stuff.

4. Re-Staging

We will re-stage your furniture in JUST the way you had it. Zach the Owner, who is a family man, understands the frustration of having to constantly keep the outdoor living areas fresh. That is why he decided to include this service with all of his customers homes. You pay good money to have a professional take care of your home, that is exactly what you will get when you are working with Back In Time Pressure Washing.

5. Walk-Around

From the moment you walk out of your door, you will smell how clean your property is. Within 10 second you will see that free, with every home, we include the front walkway and front patio cleaning absolutely free. This is just something that Zach the Owner thinks really ties the house together. Next, you'll turn around and notice that the old mold stain you thought was never going to come out, is nowhere to be found. As we walk through the property, the true reason Back In Time Pressure Washing has 5 stars all across the internet will be understood. From the crevices of your front door corners being detailed to the plants you've been working on growing being freshly rinsed and watered, we will make your experience with Back In Time, one to remember.

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